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Happy Birthday to QUEEN OLUWABUNMI OSUNBIYI October 10th (Read 10 Appealing facts about a girls Born in October here)



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO QUEEN OLUWABUNMI OSUNBIYIOCTOBER BORN ANGEL, the day you are born was a blessing to the world, remember your day and feel so glad, to see a beautiful, intelligent being added one, we celebrate you.



October born girls charisma, as well as attractive and magnetic personality, gain them many admirers and you need to think twice before you contradict them. People born in October are very self-sufficient, and you can just envy their personality. Here are some Appealing facts about girls Born in October: You have two birthstones–opals and tourmaline. It asserted a gem would crack if worn by someone not born in October! A girl born in October have maintained an excellent balance around them and knew how to undertake things diplomatically. They are the ones who infrequently get into heated discussions and are the people who endure wild parties easily. It is their serenity and their resolve that makes them great thinkers be it regarding anything.

Characteristics of October born people

1) There is no limit to their intelligence

They will always have a solution to no concern what question you put up to them. Their patience in the worst of solutions and get out of situations easily.

2) Their balanced approach makes them the best jury.


3) They are born with a charm that attracts everyone

Apart from all that brain, they are impressive on the people exterior as well. They quickly win over people with their charismatic aura. They can easily manipulate people and get them to look their eyesight. It is their deep and intellectual mix that makes them the best personalities.

4) They are die-hard Romantics 😉

Even though they are born in autumn, but they are romantics. There cannot be a more suitable soul mate regarding having those aww moments. Not just their relationships. They are passionate about everything they do.

5) They do grasp some brain tricks that make them private people

Well, they are not intelligent, but you cannot mislead them. They will never go behind their way into selfish activities just to get their work done. They care about other’s emotions.


6) They have a solution to every problem- 

Name your problem, and they will be ready to jump around the corner with a solution. Their high thinking powers and their balance gives then an outstanding ability to solve problems. They are the best friends that you can approach to solve your problems no matter how complicated it is.

7) They are quite the luxuries people but at their expense

Oh, they do enjoy the materialist sympathies of the world. They will love a modern car and a huge apartment, but they are amenable to buy all that only at their expense.


8) They can be annoyingly lazy sometimes

Assured they are great people to be around, but you will be agitated to see their lazy attitude. They mood executes them to choose up the to-do things in a weird manner. Well, seldom their laid back attitude can be a great thing.

9) Excellent at Interactions-

They communicate with people quickly with their incredible perspective they make people feel very satisfactory in their company and easily impress people with their speeches. ( In short Logo ko ache se sambal lete hai.)

10) They are quite moody and the spoilt brats

You might be shocked to see how Moody October born can sometimes be. They will not do something unless they are strong willed about. You cannot get them to relinquish. You don’t want to ask favors to an October born when they are not in a good mood because they will ultimately refuse.Observing are some astounding facts about people born in October.

Apart from being good looking,  October born people are known for their brains. They build an aura around themselves with their intelligence and smart acknowledgments. The biggest reason behind their intelligence is their never ending inquisition to learn new things. They are outstanding thinkers, and that’s what originates them so relaxed to deal with the conditions they come across. If they find something unique and puzzling, they will research right through it to make sure they know it all.

If they love something or someone, they will go to the end of the earth to confer their love and how much you mean to them. So it’s best not to play they love something or someone, they will go to the edges of the earth to show their love and how much you mean to them. So it’s best not to play with their emotions because it is real. With their personality and ability to sweet talk, it’s hard not to fall for them, to sweet talk, it’s hard not to fall for them, but once you do, there’s no way you will regret it.

To sum it up, October owned people have a charismatic personality with their brains and good looks brought in a single package.October borns are always in front when it comes to prevalence, and everyone needs to be their friend. They have a positive influence on everyone they meet, and they are like a ball of vehemence. It’s difficult not to get jealous of their personality!

Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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