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Player that Never Lost a Penalty, Number 3 is a Nigerian



hat Never Lost a Penalty, Number 3 is a Nigeria

Before you read this article, don’t forget to press the follow button.If you were to pick any player in the world, past or present, to take a penalty for you, or for your club who would you chose? I guess you might call Ronaldo or Messi. They are good in penalties but are not close to being the best. Read on for more info.

Football is one of the most interesting and the most famous sport in the world. Over the years as football developed, the number of penalties being awarded has increased, making clubs around the world value players with a very high conversion rate.

Bellow is the list of players that never in their whole career lost a penalty.

4. Le Tissier

Le Tissier, who was a former Southampton player has an incredible penalty record. He was so good in penalties that when he missed his only penalty in his career(1993),the keeper saud that that was his greatest save ever.3. Rashidi Yekini

Late Rashidi Yekini was the best penalty taker Africa has ever had. When it comes to penalties, he was always the man for the job. Some even said he breathed goals.

2. Yaya Toure

Former Manchester City’s midfielder, YayaToure is the best penalty taker Manchester City has ever had. The Ivorian, who now players in the Chinese League has never lost any penalty. His amazing record of scoring 11 out of 11 opportunities has crowned him the tittle “The Penalty King”.

1. Ledio Pano

Though Ledio Pano wasn’t really famous, his record remains solid. Ledio Pano has scored over 50 penalties throughout his career and has never lost one. When asked how he dose it he said, “I never look the keeper in the eyes. I also always know where the ball will go.”

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