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Police Brutality: Let’s Hold Our Governments Responsible



Police Brutality: Let’s Hold Our Governments Responsible

By Rasak Ayanlakin Democrat

The most cardinal responsibility of a government is to enable a peaceful society — where all people can live meaningful life. Possibly, it’s for the achievement of this, that the police was established.

The recent public outrage attest to the weakness and inadequacy of the police. Things have fallen apart, as those ascribed the integrity of saving lives have lost it.

Today we can’t meet our policemen, on roads and invite them for a selfie. We would be afraid of landing in trouble; for possessing a mobile phone, that could produce us such nice selfie.

Our reputations, as citizens of the world, suffer devastating embarrassment, and we need to, as a matter of emergency, rescue the image of the police, from global disgrace.

We are now aware that offering police officers bribe is the only ticket to a free movement in our society. And your refusal to offer such bribe, at that material time, amounts to gross violation of the law.

Those of us whose privacy has once been invaded and ransacked, without lawful justification, would understand clearly the level of absurdity and devastation the police has reduced the common people to.

The police profession, just like teaching and farming was a meritable profession in the past. That merit has been abused, and I wonder if any of our young children would, out of will, love to venture into the police career again.

One major challenge is the unlawful enrichment of the police, at the expense of people’s properties and lives. The government should take cognisance of this, and carefully note whether policemen are not satisfied with their pays or their pays are not satisfactory enough.

The reconsideration of police salary will mastermind a revolution in the security sector. Imbibing ethics such as honesty, national sincerity and human feeling is also key.

Police brutality is widespread all over the country, and the ugliness of the scenario has been abysmally handled by respective governments. This arouses national suspicion, and revives people’s spirits of protests.

Whether the prices of oil and electricity are skyrocketed or not, matters no more to people, it is now people’s individual excitement to live decent and safe life. This is so because, we must live before we claim or become anything, at all.

We are not saying the civil society is completely innocent. Those who are found wanting, in the society, should be decorously traced or trailed, without any iota of public nuisance and rancor.

He who does something through someone else does it himself. The silence of our governments, despite public uproar and protests, amounts to accomplicity. And, can we agree much more with those who say our governments can’t give what they lack?

Changing Manchester United to Manchester City may have no genuine influence on the modus operandi of the teams. Head cut, however, is no solution, to severe headache.

To be sincere, we need the police in our society. But the government must first give us the assurance of a police established on the foundation that people’s lives matter. We must join hands to orientate and electrify our police. It’s our solemn duty at this critical moment, to police the police, to achieve communal peace and sanctity.

The police our elite use to safeguard theirs, should not compromise the safety of the masses. If the police does, this implies our democracy is still weak and premature. It is a simple definition of a journey at reverse gear, — as we crucify what industrious nations of the world value most; human lives.

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