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10th October, 2020.
Public Statement.

Pan-Afrikan Consciousness Renaissance (PACOR) Condemns the Killing of #EndSars Protester in Oyo State and the Unjust Attacks on Protesters Across the Country.

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) in its historical and regular trademark has flagrantly justified the essence of the constitutional demand of the #EndSars protesters. Men and women of the NPF, Owode Command Police Station, Ogbomoso, hours ago, not only provoked protesters of #EndSars but killed a yet to be identified student of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (Lautech).

Provocation has been the tactic of men and women of the NPF across the country since the outbreak of the #EndSars protests. In Abuja, Osun, Lagos and Delta, we have recorded several cases of attacks by the police. Protesters have had to contend with the discharge of live ammunitions, tear gases, and stones by men and women of the NPF. Many have also been beaten, harassed and illegally arrested.

Overall, this brutal reaction underscores the fascist nature and character of the Major Gen. Buhari-led regime. The devilish repressive mood of the NPF to the #EndSars protests is inseparable from the rooted satanic indifference of the Buhari-led regime to the banditry killings, ethnoreligious crises and terrorist attacks going on in the country.

This brutal reaction is also inseparable from the nefarious way and manner at which the regime has been attempting to preclude a mass reaction against its apparent economic failure. The fact that this regime unashamedly, has refused to yield to the genuine demand of the #EndSars protesters shows clearly that the brute men and women of the NPF are not acting in isolation.

We demand an immediate investigation into the killing of the yet to be identified student. Because we have no illusion in the actions of the NPF, we are calling for a public enquiry, anchor by activists, trade unionists, youths, civil servants, etc. on the unfortunate incident.

We demand an immediate end to the attacks on members of the #EndSars movement. As enshrined in the constitution of the country, right to protest is not a given. We declare that the abolition of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) is a must. The extra-judicial killings, extortions and several other inhumane practices that have become the mandate of this police unit must be brought to an end.

However, because our movement is convinced that no reform can radically change any reality, we are demanding for an outright system change in the police force, and indeed in every other facet of the society. Brutality of whatever nature – physical or economic, cannot change under a regime driven by capitalist private interests. A Buhari-led regime cannot guarantee the people security because of its brutish nature.

We are convinced about the above in many ways. A good case in point can be source from the current hike in electricity tariffs, vats and fuel prices, in spite of the ongoing economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic nationally and globally on ordinary citizens. On this note, we are demanding that the struggle to #EndSars be linked to the struggle for a new Nigeria, and indeed a new Afrika in the long run, where the overall interests of the people will be above any private interests. A society where the entirety of the resources of the land will be under the democratic management and control of the people.
Power to the People!

Co-Convener – PACOR.

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