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Sheikh Sudais congratulates Hujjaj, officials on successful hajj



President of the Haramain Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Sudais has congratulated the entire hujjaj on the completion of the 2020 Hajj rites in the holy land.
Speaking at the Haramain office shortly after the Hujjaj performed tawat wida, (farewell circumambulation) the revered Sheikh stated that the Hajj was a unique one and the hujjaj were lucky to have been chosen for this special hajj.
Sheikh Sudais also thanked officials and volunteers who gave themselves to serve the guest of Allah.“We also thanked the leadership, Ministry of health, interior, workers, volunteers and Hujjaj for the successful conclusion of this year’s historic Hajj.
Also, the information department of the Haramain Sharifain also thanked all their followers on all their information handles.
“We thank our followers and viewers for joining our coverage of the Historic Hajj.

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