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This poem is speaking for those who romance death, who conjecture their fate, it is also speaking about suicide as if the way out of suffering of this world and also if the after world an abode of peace or not,Written by Ajao et Solomon Part 3 Students of English department at Obafemi Awolowo University






By the buy to the world of drama
Where the little one will greasy like a gasoline
The food of frame, it is ineluctable
Now, he sees life as cold- blooded.

He says,
The pain of today, the memory of tomorrow
How can a soul sacrifice himself for sorrow?
In a trice, the pain is fruitless
After an hazardous journey Hither and thither.

The salty water tag me a friend
What a murderous world, the world of pain
Where our daydream is in coma
The life i see as my one-time play.

In my quest to have a fruit
Not knowing my strive is giving birth to pain
What a world! What a world!
I sense another world is my home


Aloof of all glimpse of it,
Sadness overwhelming.
The course of the world being twisted, twisted by endless struggles,
The Eagle soars high, high enough to fall,
To fall breaking without remedy,
What a world we are!
The vicissitudes are endless with struggles,
Captivating, even piercing to the deepest part of the soul,
The strong has been amputated
The tall being dwarfed, dwarfed by spell of doom
He spell that binds the soul to unprofitable cravings
Cravings leading to demnation
He search for the world of peace is lost,
He search in the after also may not.


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