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We are ending US malign presence in West Asia now – Iran declares



Iran’s foreign minister, Javad Zarif has mocked the US secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, describing him as an ‘arrogant clown.’

Zalif also declared that the work to end “US malign presence in West Asia had begun.”

Zarif stated this in a tweet on Saturday which was accompanied by a five-photo collage showing hordes of people waving flags and filling the streets.

One image showed what appeared to be mourners walking behind a flag-draped coffin.

Thousands of furious mourners thronged in the streets of Baghdad Saturday during funeral processions for Qassem Soleimani who was killed on Friday by US airstrike ordered by President Donald Trump.

The mourners chanted “Death to America” and “America is the Great Satan” as they walked beside Soleimani and al-Muhandis’ coffins.

Zalif added, “24 hrs ago, an arrogant clown— masquerading as a diplomat— claimed people were dancing in the cities of Iraq.

“Today, hundreds of thousands of our proud Iraqi brothers and sisters offered him their response across their soil. End of US malign presence in West Asia has begun.”

Meanwhile, Iran yesterday hosted its red flag of war which clearly indicates that there is no slowing down in its move to revenge the killing of Soleimani.

Abass Sulaiman Adegoke, well known as Adegoke is a student of Federal Polytechnic Ede studying Civil Engineering, He is a media enthusiast, loves traveling, and has a special interest in personal development.

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